Night of the Mothers
Annual Journal Retrospective

January 6th        10 am to 6 pm                                    Georgetown,KY
A new year retrospective of journal writing. Gather your 2017 journals, datebooks, checkbooks, calendars & spend a few of the dark hours of January looking backward through the previous year, gleaning the lessons and gifts, then carrying your intentions further into 2018. This is a great way to share, write, learn and gain new inspiration and wisdom.
$75           Limit 10. Please Pre-Register.    Call 765-606-7119

Please Pre-register for Event
                               Call 765-606-7119  Email ellisisisis 

Louisville, TENNESSEE
           JANUARY 12 — CLAIRVOYANT CIRCLE — $35 — Limit 14

Louisville, TENNESSEE
                                      JANAURY 13 — ASTROLOGY

                       Pre-Natal Eclipses and Your Soul’s Touchstones
Your karmic purpose can be found in a study of prenatal eclipses, north and south nodes and your Sabian symbols. All you need is a copy of your astrological chart (exact birth time and place helps!) to unlock the basic soul story and karmic points at work in your life. Eclipse points and the north nodes link to clue you into the karma of past lives and the issues facing us. Sabian symbols offer us stories that reflect who we really are, why we came in, and who we meet in our lives who influence us. Sabian symbols can also be used to rectify charts, in the event your birth time is imprecise due to hospital guesswork! We will use your chart, an ephemeris and some marvelously fun resource books to find the key story, key people and key events in our lives. Plenty of time for exploring, sharing and learning astrological techniques.

February 10, 2018                
9:30am -- 5:00pm EDT
Writing Spiritual Autobiography
296 Southland Drive in Lexington, KY

Writing your spiritual autobiography means to come to that deep level of understanding that our life is part of a larger story. Our life is the story of a living, sentient being called Earth. I am calling you to come and write with me. I am calling you to add your voice to a planetary chorus.
$50. Limit 16

March 23, 2018
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM EDT
Keeping a Metaphysical Journal
Louisville Spiritualist Center
1011 South 1st Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40203

Keeping a record of processes, insights, experiences, ceremonies and results is an important part of the work of the metaphysician. This class explores ways of using astrology, Tarot, numerology, guided meditations, and ritual for spiritual enhancement. This workshop is designed to show you how to keep your metaphysical journal and structure it so that you can track of your development and your spirit communications.

March 24, 2018
9 AM - 1 PM EDT
Shamanic Initiations and Portals in the Egyptian Book of the Dead
Louisville Spiritualist Center
1011 South 1st Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40203

This class explores the various ways the ancient Egyptians viewed the astral realm, dreams, and portals by looking at the various Books of the Afterlife. This will provide an overview of the 3,000 years of psychospiritual exploration of the ancient world.

March 24, 2018
The Lady’s Oracular Book of Hieroglyphs
Louisville Spiritualist Center
1011 South 1st Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40203

Not only is it possible to walk like an Egyptian in the spirit world, but we must think like an Egyptian. Medju neter meant “hieroglyph” to the ancient Egyptian, and translated in our language it means the Word of God. The goddess Seshet joined the god Thoth as the two divine scribes in heaven and on earth. Learn to think like an ancient Egyptian as you discover how the priests and priestesses used their words of power to create sacred texts, prayers, and oracles.
Normandi is pleased to be offering this class, which centers on her work with hieroglyphs. That work is contracted to become her new book Medju Seshet: The Lady's Book of Oracle, forthcoming from Inner Traditions.

2018 Online Classes
                            Egyptian Mystery School

Two-hour online classes are held on Zoom at 9 pm (Eastern) or 6 pm (Pacific) every third Thursday of each month. ($25) To register email

Hieroglyphic Thinking: The Symbolic & the Real                    JAN18
Hieroglyphs were the language and body of gods used to construct realities. We see how Heka became the magical consciousness of priests, dreamers and sorcerers.

The Form of Spirit and the Spirit of Form                                 FEB 15
This class synthesizes the Nine Spiritual Bodies of the Ancient Egyptians, the Qabala and the way in which the ancient healer/shaman understood all forms as vibration. Learn how each subtle body influences our lives.

Introduction to the Book of the Dead                                         MAR 15
This "travel guide to the underworld” helps the soul move through states of consciousness into the next life. Included are maps of the next world, what to expect, who to meet and what to say. Through Books of the Afterlife spanning 3000 years. We explore the natural laws that underpin an ancient, shamanic initiation.

Astral Egypt: As Above So Below                                                  APR 19
An ancient Egyptian look at dreams and various levels of consciousness beyond ordinary perception of reality. A guide to heaven & hell as states of consciousness.
                                    Please Pre-register for Events
                            Call 765-606-7119  Email ellisisisis 

Look for These Classes at Camp Chesterfield in 2018 (More info to come.)
• Astrology Basics I and II
• Numerology I and II
• Full Moon Meditations
• Sacred Calendars in World Traditions
• Keeping a Metaphysical Journal
• Crafting a Metaphysical Ceremony
• Cande Ceremony
• Basic Unity of Religion

Astrology                                     Hr
Natal Charts & Transits            $125
Progressions                               $150
Relocation & Rectification        $175
Synastry & Compatibility         $200
*All charts are as individual as you are.  No cookie cutter consultations here!
Numerology                                $75
*Includes your destiny/karma, challenges, pinnacles, progressions.  Yearly and Daily Vibrations & Cycles for Planning  ($75 additional)
Metaphysical Development       $15/Hr
*Online consultations in astrology, numerology, Egyptian mysteries, rituals and metaphysical      journaling.
Tarot & Clairvoyance                 $60/Hr
Message Circles                          $35/per person
*Limit 14 in Group.  By appointment in Chesterfield, Indiana.  Or you can host me in your town.

THE 2018 EVENTS of  Normandi Ellis

Interview in Obsidian Magazine: "What Drew Me to Ancient Egypt"
Contact Me:
For information on Workshops, Book Signings, or other events, please contact Normandi at
The Fellowship of Isis invites you to
Normandi's renditions of the ancient Egyptian myths of Isis and Osiris in The Passion of Isis and Osiris by Jean Houston.
email me
Contact Normandi to have her attend one of your functions by emailing or call 765-606-7119.
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YouTube Interview on EXPLORE YOUR SPIRIT TV with Kala Ambrose
Read excerpts from Invoking the Scribes, including "Why Spiritual Journaling Matters" and "Through the Layers of Time", as well as a photo essay taken by tour participants.

Normandi Ellis is a Spiritualist minister and certified medium missionary through the Indiana Association of Spiritualists. She offers clairvoyant circles and private consultations on the phone or in person. Please email for further information.
Theosophical Online teaching programs can be found at
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YouTube Interview  with Dr. Rita Louise
Listen to Normandi Ellis' recent interview
on the Dr. Pat Show (Talk Radio To Thrive By!) :
Watch Normandi on
New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove

Magic and Initiatory Practices

                    Hieroglyphic Thinking
Egypt--Off the Beaten Path: Through the Layers of Time
With Normandi Ellis and Indigo Rønlov
February 22 - March 7, 2018

Join Normandi Ellis and Indigo Rønlov on this special journey to Egypt, where we will go Off the Beaten Path and Through the Layers of Time. For both Normandi and Indigo, this is a very exciting and special trip. We will visit some of our favorite places, where the gods and goddesses can still be so strongly felt, and we will also travel to some places that many travelers have never been before -- even a couple of places Normandi and Indigo have never seen!

We will have the opportunity to meet ancient whales from a time when the oceans covered the sands as well as visit many beautiful sacred sites and temples, churches and mosques while meeting modern and thriving Egypt. This journey will offer you a wonderful opportunity to see some of the lesser known monuments such as a private visit to the Sun Temple of Abu Ghorab, Medinet Habu, the Valley of the Queens, the Precinct of Mut, Kalabsha Temple, The Valley of the Whales, a day touring the churches and mosques of Old Cairo, and more.

This tour package also includes four nights in Cairo at Lé Meridian with views of the Great Pyramids, nine nights aboard our beautiful dahabeya Afandina as we sail along the River Nile, visits to many ancient temples that include special private visits to select sacred sites; most meals; all travel within Egypt, and teachings from Normandi and Indigo.

Normandi Ellis has been working with Egypt, its mysteries, its magical language, beautiful gods and goddesses, splendid guides and guardians of the netherworld for the last 30 years. This is a life's work that she really wants to share with you. So many people have said to her over the years, "If I am going to go to Egypt with anyone, Normandi, it's going to be you." That gives her such inspiration, hope, peace and the knowing that the last 30 years her energy has been in the right direction by doing this deeply spiritual work. If indeed you want to come to Egypt with Normandi, this February 2018 tour is your time to join her. This will be her last publicized tour to Egypt.

Early-Isis Special
If you register for this tour before May 15, 2017, Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. is glad to offer you a special discount! Details are included when you request the Registration Information below.
We welcome up to 18 participants to join us for this trip of a lifetime. To receive registration information for this tour, please request your Registration Information Here and we will email you everything you will need to join this special pilgrimage.

Normandi Ellis
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